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Historic temple with honorable origins


MAR.03,2020In light of the impact of the "New Coronavirus", we ask that you refrain from visiting the temple and attending the Kikuno Daimyojin Spring Festival to prevent the spread of infection within the temple.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

JAN.20,2018KAWARAKE page has been updated! Please check it!

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Nov.22,2017Houn-ji Homepage English correspondence!

Aug.10,2017Completion of restoration of Kikuno Daimyoujin and construction of Toyokawa Daimyoujin!
The work is finished. You can visit the halls.

July.6,2017Restoration of Kikuno Daimyoujin/Construction of Toyokawa Daimyoujin
The construction work is currently underway. The halls will not open to visitors until July 15.

July.5,2017Request for donations
Please donate funds for the restoration of the Kikuno Daimyoujin hall and the construction of a new Toyokawa Daimyoujin shrine.

July.5,2017Currently accepting offerings of banner flags.
For the restoration of the hall and the construction of the shrine, we are currently accepting offerings of banner flags. Please make an offering for a prayer or to give thanks. We will offer them for one year. One pair of flags for Kikuno Daimyoujin and Toyokawa Daimyoujin: ¥8,000


石碑July in 1862
Kusaka Genzui and others who failed to murder middle elder (churo) Nagai Uta were confined to this place.